Top Automation Testing Companies in 2022

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An exclusive list of the top Automation Testing Services companies worldwide: Compare and select the best test automation services company for your requirements.

Automation Testing is a type of software testing in which the execution of test cases (test scripts) is performed by the software or application. No manual intervention is required for performing this type of software testing.

In order to obtain the best results, automation testing should be performed after manual testing. Automation testing will save time and give more accuracy in executing test cases. However, we have gathered a list of the top automation testing companies in 2022 for you. Read more about them to know what makes them the best!

List Of The Best Automation Testing Services Companies

  • Indium Software
  • QAwerk
  • Simform
  • ScienceSoft
  • Thinksys
  • QualiTestGroup
  • QA Mentor
  • ImpactQA
  • QualityLogic
  • QA Wolf
  • Cigniti

Indium Software

Indium Software – Leading QA Company with propriety Test Automation framework.

Indium is one of the leading Software Testing companies and offers a wide range of services for various platforms and operating systems. Being a thought leader in Test Automation, Indium helps client’s overall testing efforts by reducing velocity and time-to-market resulting in significant ROI.

Indium’s IP-based framework iSAFE is a customizable and portable software testing framework for mobile and web applications, which can be seamlessly plugged into any automation tool.

The company’s team of highly qualified and experienced testers work on client’s requirement offering business-critical testing services using open source and commercial automation tools.

Best for end-to-end software testing for SMEs, large-scale enterprises and Fortune 500 clients.

Headquarters: Cupertino, CA
Founded: 1999
Company Size: 1000+
Prominent Clients: BP Logix, eXP Realty, Implan.

Core Services: Test Automation, Mobile testing, Functional testing, Performance testing, Security testing, Integration & System testing.

Service Cost & Packages: Offers flexible pricing models. Please get in touch for details.


QAwerk – quality software testing for startups, midsize businesses, and large enterprises.

QAwerk is an independent software testing agency helping businesses increase their product quality, scale their testing capacity, and achieve faster time to market. The latter may reach up to a 50% increase in regression testing speed, all thanks to tried and true test automation methods.

They can devise a test automation strategy, set up the test environment, and design reusable and easily maintainable test cases, among other services. A unique opportunity they offer is testing a SaaS platform or mobile app for free as part of their Bug Crawl program.

Best for vendors from E-Commerce, FinTech, E-Learning, Media & Entertainment, and Game Development verticals.

Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine
Founded: 2015
Company size: 50 to 100 employees

Prominent Clients: Unfold, Evolv, Hitcents, Station, Elsewhen, Zazu, Unpakt, Kazidomi, Keystone Academic Solutions, and many more.

Core Services: SaaS testing, Manual and Automated testing, Penetration testing, Mobile testing, API testing, Cloud testing, Integration & System testing.

Service cost / Packages: 4 packages and the ability to get a custom offer after a free consultation.


Simform has more than 10+ years of experience in test automation and provides below testing services:

  • Test automation Services
  • API Testing Services
  • Microservice Testing Services:
  • Performance Testing Services
  • Loading Testing Services
  • Security Testing Services

Apart from that, Simform specializes in designing and developing custom applications & software solutions that are fast, attractive, responsive, and scalable. Simform provides innovative engineering solutions for startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. We offer custom development services using diverse technology platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Java, React Native, JavaScript, Nodejs, .Net etc.

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida
Founded: 2010
Company Size: 800+


ScienceSoft has 20 years of experience in test automation and provides the following automated testing types:

  • Functional and regression testing (at API and UI levels).
  • Performance (load, stress, scalability, and stability) testing.
  • Compatibility, localization, and compliance testing.
  • Software security assurance (security code review, vulnerability assessment).

Frameworks & tools ScienceSoft implements: Selenium, Ranorex, Protractor, SoapUI, Apache JMeter, Visual Studio, Rest-assured, RestSharp, Appium, Calabash, etc.

Founded: 1989
Company size: 700+ employees
Headquarters: McKinney, Texas, US
Revenue: $25 M

Core Corporate Services:

  • Test automation consulting and outsourcing.
  • Automated & manual testing services.

Major clients: Walmart, Nestle, eBay, NASA JPL, T-Mobile, Baxter, etc.

Verdict: ScienceSoft’s test automation services help companies speed up software releases, reduce testing time and costs, and minimize the number of defects in production.

ScienceSoft provides a test automation architecture, suite of re-usable test scripts, data/keyword-driven testing frameworks, defect tracking logs, test reports with defects’ analysis, and prioritization.


Thinksys – Simplifying the process of software testing.

Best for custom solutions. It develops new software testing methodologies.

Thinksys is a product and software development company. It also provides services for QA.

Founded in: 2012
Revenue: Around $2 Million.
Company Size: 51 to 200 employees.
Prominent Clients: Just Pharma, Playtika, Lumata, IIT Alumni, Bond University, Corbis, and many more.

Core Services: Automation Testing, E-commerce Testing, Functional Testing, Localization, Mobile, Performance, Regression, Security, and Usability testing.

Service cost/packages: Thinksys has three pricing models i.e. Hourly, Project, and Dedicated. A free trial is also available. Get a quote about the pricing details.


Qualitest – Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions for an ever-changing world.

Best for automation testing services.

QualiTest Group provides managed services for testing and quality assurance. It offers testing services in different disciplines.

Founded: 1997
Revenue: Around $80 Million.
Company Size: 1001 to 5000 employees.

Prominent Clients: Microsoft, MultiPlan, Ministry Health Care, Fujifilm, Avaya, Stratus Technologies, and many more

Core Services: Testing services like Mobile Testing, Load & Performance Testing, Cloud Testing, Cyber Security Testing, and Test Automation.

Service cost/packages: Contact them to know about their pricing details.

QA Mentor

QA Mentor – CMMI appraised, ISO Certified, multi-award-winning New York-based QA Company.

78 Automation Engineers utilizing their own proprietary frameworks for Selenium, Appium, TestComplete, UFT, Ranorex, SoapUI, TestCafe, Protractor Tosca.

With unique product propositions from a crowdsourcing platform with a pool of 12,000 crowdsourced testers to a test management platform, unique and economical services offerings, and QA education from e-learning and corporate training.

Best for start-ups, digital agencies, product companies.
Headquarter: New York
Founded: 2010
Company Size: 200-500
Revenue: 6 Million

Core Services: Automated testing, Manual testing, Mobile App testing, Website testing, Crowdsourcing testing, API testing, Blockchain testing, IoT testing, Machine Learning & AI testing, Performance testing, User Acceptance testing, User Experience, QA Audit, QA Transformation, Agile and DEVOPS Consulting, QA Training.

Prominent Clients: Citi, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Experian, BOSCH, Aetna, and many more.

Service cost/packages: On-demand models with no minimum reserved hours requirements and flexible cost model including cost per automation script. Automation prices start from $19 per hour, ROI calculation for every project prior to start.


ImpactQA is the global independent software testing & QA consulting company. 10 years of excellence. Delivering unmatched services & digital transformation to SMEs & Fortune 500 companies.

Headquartered in New York and having operations in India, London, Dallas, Munich and Germany. The in-house team has an international reputation for delivering cost-effective, insightful and customer-centric approach to a vast array of 250+ clients. 

Software Testing Services: They deliver quality engineering, AI based test automation, performance engineering and full suite of continuous and automated testing services performed throughout the software development life cycle. 

Domian Expertise: Healthcare, E-learning, BFSI, Ecommerce, Media, Logistics, Real Estate, Medical Device Testing and more.

Clients: Schneider Electric, Panasonic, Deloitte, Terex, Yum Brands, ANA, NYRR, Delos, Rocket Internet, Learning AZ, NYRR 

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Assurance & Management: (Test Automation, Functional, Performance, Load, Usability, Regression & Application Testing for Web & Mobile Apps)
  • QA Consulting & Outsourcing: (Onsite, Onshore, Offshore & Crowdsourced testing services with pacific time zone alignment at a reduced cost)
  • Continuous Testing & Engineering:  (Performance Engineering, Continuous Testing, SAP Automation, Cloud Native/ Migration & SaaS Testing)
  • Cybersecurity & Penetration Testing: (App Security, Data breaches, IT Vulnerabilities, Infrastructure Security, Cloud Governance & Protection)


It’s a fierce, relentless quest to get it right. And when there’s no room for error, there’s QualityLogic, America’s most trusted, full spectrum QA provider. We’re on-shore, on-demand, on-the-numbers QA support for clients spanning the globe and sweeping the spectrum of industry — including media & entertainment, retail & e-commerce, imaging, smart energy, virtual reality, and more.

Our proven proficiencies drive exemplary new standards while accelerating world-changing nexts for our clients. Our field-vetted, insight-crafted analysis, and engineering acumen fuel long-standing relationships.

We’re three decades, 4,000 stories, and endless insights strong.

QA Wolf

QA Wolf – User-driven end-to-end testing

QA Wolf is the first data-driven testing platform that automatically turns your user traffic into automated functional tests.

QA Wolf’s analytics captures user flows, translates them into test cases, and prioritizes them based on frequency and business impact – it also reveals all edge cases customers are navigating. All test code is written in Javascript via their open-source platform which is built on top of Microsoft’s Playwright.

Best for startups and data-driven teams.

Founded: 2019
Revenue: US $1-10 M
Company Size: 5 – 20

Prominent Clients: Not disclosed
Core Services: Automated end-to-end testing for web apps and Salesforce.
Service cost/packages: Fixed pricing with no hourly billing.


Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Cigniti Technologies is the world’s foremost company that has stepped into offering independent software testing services. With its test services offered in quality engineering, advisory & transformation, next generation testing, and core testing, the company also focuses on making use of SMART Tools that can speed up testing as well as help improve the quality of services delivered to clients.