Software Testing

Why software testing is important in SDLC

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Software testing is an indispensable part of software quality. It is crucial to support the SDLC, the abbreviation for Software Development Life Cycle. SDLC is a procedure to develop the application, with the right research, execution, planning and maintenance.

Quality Assurance (QA) is a vital part of SDLC. QA is performed to evaluate different aspects of an app and validate the behavior of the software in various configurations of the software system.

Software testing companies help business organizations conduct software’s comprehensive assessment. It is also beneficial to them in accomplishing different requirements of the client.

As the tester performs software development cycle or SDLC, they will be capable of identifying different errors and bugs present in the software before starting the implementation process.

If the team fails to solve the software bugs before the deployment process, there are risks that they might have an adverse impact on the requirements of the clients.

If the bugs are not resolved at an earlier phase, it might result in substantial costs. If the detection of such problems is delayed, you are likely to incur more expenses later.

Software Development Life Cycle

SDLC is a methodology used for the development of software. This process includes a series of steps, which is necessary to replace, alter, maintain, build and enhance the different components of the software.

Software Development Lifecycle acts as the pipeline for the implementation of different software projects in the right structure.

So, the QA organizations can make the proper use of this process for bringing an improvement in the software quality. It is also helpful in optimizing the software development process.

Importance of software testing in the Software Development Life Cycle

Software testing is an integral part of the software development cycle. Testing is beneficial in bringing an improvement in the performance, reliability and quality of the system.

By testing the software, you will be capable of checking if different parts of the software are working in the desired way.

It is essential to opt for testing in the earlier phase of the Software Development Life Cycle.

This process is effective in identifying different defects and bugs, which are present in the earlier phase. As the process is performed at the early stage, the testers do not need to carry the hassles of resolving the bugs during the last critical stage.

In today’s competitive market, you need to develop a product so that the quality can remain for a prolonged time. So, you should ensure to develop a high quality product and perform testing as an integral part of SDLC.

Software testing is useful in verifying and validating that all the software requirements are implemented properly. Through software testing, you can identify different bugs and defects.

It also helps in addressing and recognizing the bugs before the occurrence of software development. Through software testing, you can ensure that the software is operating as per the specifications.

You can check if the specific product has met the requirements of the customers and the business. Suppose you intend to verify the interaction and integration of every component in the system. In that case, you should make sure to conduct software testing in SDLC without giving it a second thought.

Software testing companies offering QA services start testing at the earlier phase for removing different complexities, which are performed at the final stage.

As the software firm introduces QA at each stage of SDLC, it provides the options to validate and verify the modules of the app for the precision.

This process is useful in identifying different defects and errors of the app in its initial stage. It is essential to program and develop the app in a way that it can provide seamless performance in different crucial circumstances.

It is essential to run and conduct the rigorous testing of different application at different phases of SDLC as it offers assistance in creating software of high quality.

As you develop product software of high excellence, you need to ensure that it can showcase optimum performance in different situations.

Implementation of different QA activities in SDLC or software development life cycle is useful in increasing the performance, reliability, functionality and different vital attributes of the app.

QA companies conducting software testing need to keep in mind that testing should not be conducted to find the bugs and errors in the market.

Instead, it is performed for the evaluation of the competence of the application and check if it is functioning, according to the purpose, for which it is made.

Testing phases of software development life cycle

Testing phases happen to be an integral part of the SDLC or software development life cycle. It is essential to execute such processes in the methodological approach to ensure that all the requirements have been accomplished successfully.

Software testers break down software testing in the main phases, which include Integration Testing, System Testing, Unit Testing, and Acceptance testing.

According to researches, you should make sure to plan and conduct software testing during software development life cycle to achieve best and effective results.

It is useful to keep the costs of fixing the errors and bugs minimal. It would be best if you remember that if you deploy QA at the later part of the software development life cycle, there are risks that the costs for fixing the bugs will be extremely high.


You can ensure the growth of the business and satisfy the customers successfully by performing software testing during SDLC or software development life cycle.

Software testing happens to be an integral part of the software development life cycle as it accomplishes the standards of the application. Besides this, it is useful in enhancing the reputation and return on investment of the business.