5 Application of Python With Examples

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Python is undoubtedly the language of the present and future because of its unique features and functionalities. Python Software Foundation released it in 1991. The aim was to create a language that helps developers as well as companies for writing and utilizing clear and logical codes. And Python is serving a lot more than this. To prove this let us have a brief look at those helpful features of Python and how they are practically used in different ways.

What Makes Python Worth Using for Companies and Developers?

Here are some noteworthy features of Python that make it an ideal tool for companies and developers:

  • Easy to Learn and Use

As we know, Python is not only an easy development language to learn but also easy to use and implement. The syntax can help one to learn and use Python in a few days. Moreover, Python is dynamically typed. This enhances the readability factor through indentation.

  • Open-Source Language

Did you know that you do not need to pay any charges to install and even use Python because it is open-source? One can easily download it through its website. Not only that, Python supports the FLOSS model (Free/Libre and Open Source Software), which means you can change it according to your requirement and distribute it accordingly. This allows the Python community to make improvements in its features continuously.

  • Contains Vast Collection of Libraries

When one downloads Python, they will automatically also download the extensive collection of Python libraries with it. What are these libraries? These libraries are built-in with Python so that you do not have to write individual code for every single function. Python has several libraries and packages for databases, web browsers, threading, regular expressions, email, image manipulation, CGI, documentation-generation, etc.

  • Scalable

Companies enjoy Python for its scalability. Some of the giant companies implementing Python language include Amazon, Google, Spotify, Instagram, Netflix, etc. They use Python as it eases the handling of massive amounts of traffic on the app.

  • Versatile

Unlike many programming languages, the practical applications of Python are not limited to an only web or mobile development. It is in fact a popular choice for building gaming applications, web apps, e-commerce applications, enterprise-grade apps, AI and ML applications, etc.

5 Applications of Python

Web Application Development

As Python is now a go-to programming language for web applications, one of the top practical applications for Python is web application development. Web development uses Python in several ways in the real world. It provides scalability, security, and convenience. It also comes with useful libraries like Paramiko, BeautifulSoup, Feedparser, Twisted Python, etc.

Python uses web development frameworks like Django, Bottle, and Flask. You can develop advanced content management systems such as Django CMS and Plone through these frameworks. These frameworks enable rapid app development and are stuffed with standard libraries and modules. These features reduce development time by easing tasks like database interactions, content management, and interfacing with internet protocols (FTP, HTTP, POP, XML, etc.). This provides more time to market the web application

Artificial Intelligence

Probably the most fascinating practical application for Python is in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Why is Python the ideal choice for AI and ML development? Python is a stable, easy, and secure language that is capable of handling the accounting required for developing any ML model.

Additionally, Python has a comprehensive collection of libraries for ML applications like Keras, SciPy, Pandas, TensorFlow, NumPy, etc. Coming to AI, Python is used in providing profit-gaining solutions like image recognition, advanced computing, data analytics, data processing, etc.

Game Development

As we all are well aware that gaming app development is a prominent industry in these times, and it has several applications of Python programming. It has numerous libraries for using them widely to build interactive games. A few of the real-world Python projects in this industry include Frets on Fire, World of Tanks, Battlefield 2, Vega Strike, etc. These games use Python libraries such as PySoy and PyGame for their development.

Python even allows game developers to build tree-based algorithms. These algorithms are useful to design different levels in games. And the most challenging task in building any game is to make it capable of handling multiple requests at the same time. And Python aces at providing that.

It even offers developers libraries like PySOy to install a 3D game engine for building powerful games and user interfaces. You can hire python developer to develop a gaming app for you with all the latest python features.

Scientific and Numeric Applications

Due to its massive library base, Python has become an important tool used in scientific and numeric computing. Python provides the skeleton for most applications to deal with computation and scientific data processing. Thus, apps like Abaqus (finite element method software) and FreeCAD (3D modeling software) are coded in Python.

Some of the most useful scientific and numeric computation Python packages are:

  • IPython
  • Pandas
  • SciPy
  • Numeric Python
  • Natural Language Toolkit

Image Recognition and Text Processing

With its amazing image processing and graphic design capabilities, Python enables companies to identify images and process text from their database. It even allows developers to design 2D and 3D images by using different tools.

Inkscape, Paint Shop, GIMP, etc., are a few real-life examples of applications built with Python for designing graphics and editing images. The top 3D animation packages like Blender, 3ds Max, Houdini, Lightwave, etc., use Python in their programming stack.


Python can fulfill most of the requirements, hence is highly useful for developing all kinds of applications. You can hire dedicated python developer to develop the application of your choice stuffed with all your requirements to shine bright in your industry.


Here are some applications of Python that different industries can inspire from to make applications for their businesses. Have a look at its new features and ways you can use it.

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