Software Testing

Software Testing: The Who, What, When, How, and Why

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To err is human. That’s never going to change. And that’s also why we need software testing. Your team will occasionally make mistakes, overlook conflicts, or have biases that perpetuate flaws.

Software testing reveals errors that occurred during development and is vital to prevent subpar products from getting into customers’ hands. Along those lines, software testing also contributes to the reputation you are building in your market.

Furthermore, software testing is vital to the efficiency of your operation, allowing you to identify errors or bugs as they occur rather than in the late stages of development when they will be much more difficult and costly to fix.

The elephant in the room, however, is whether ISVs and software development teams are following software testing best practices. SmartBear released its Third Annual Testing Community Survey to provide a picture of the state of software testing moving into 2020. SmartBear conducted the survey online, gathering responses from more than 2,500 development, testing, and software delivery lifecycle professionals.