MilesWeb Shared Hosting: A Good Hosting Option for Bloggers

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Blogging is not just a hobby but has turned into a profession. And we have witnessed the same during the lockdown period where most of the individuals have turned bloggers. Many people have started blogging to show their creativity to people.  There are more than 1000+ blogging niches available on the internet. Therefore, you need to pick one niche and gain expertise in it before starting your blogging journey.

Joining the bloggers’ community is not so easy. You need to have your web presence as well in this competitive sector. Thus, try MilesWeb best web hosting plans to build your online credibility and boost your blogging activity online. Remember that every website requires a web hosting server to boost its online presence. Therefore, web hosting providers like MilesWeb offer different hosting plans. It includes shared VPS, Dedicated, and others.

If we talk about shared hosting, there are several facts and information revolving around the same.  Some hosting providers even claim unlimited hosting. How secure is MilesWeb unlimited hosting? Do you have the same doubt? We have the same too! Let us both read this blog together and find out the answer.

Do Bloggers Require a Web Hosting?                       

The answer is YES! It is because to make the blogging webpages and sites available for visitors worldwide. Remember that every website in this internet world requires a hosting server to be available for visitors worldwide.

Moreover, they require top-level servers to take entire website traffic and storage load. MilesWeb has optimal shared hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth and fast SSD storage. You can get a hosting space from 1 to unlimited websites.

If you have just started blogging, initially there will be low traffic on your site with less engagement. So, their Tyro plan seems effective to host one website with free SSL and unlimited bandwidth.

What is Meant by Shared Hosting?

Too much of shared hosting terms you have read so far, but what it is? Shared hosting is a type of web hosting option for new website users. In this type of web hosting, different websites share the same server resources (CPU, RAM, and SSDs). As websites share the same server resources, it costs lower to website users.

Besides, there are no data security concerns if users prefer reliable shared hosting plans of MilesWeb. Although many of you may argue that due to resource sharing of servers, there are chances of security breaches. However, with MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans, users get free SSL certifications for all hosted domains.

MilesWeb’s Shared Hosting: A Boon for Bloggers

1.      Affordability

If we navigate to MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans, there are hardly any pricing flaws. You won’t find them too expensive! Their Tyro plan only costs you Rs. 60 per month. It is cheaper than your TV dish subscription. In this plan, get a hosting space to host 1 website, optimized WordPress, A website builder, and the managed server support. As a blogger, you don’t have to worry about CPU cores and storage. Their SSD-based servers are sufficient to host websites with no storage crisis and no additional investment required.

2.      Configured for Low-Scale Websites

Initially, your website will not have too much traffic and engagement. Therefore, shared hosting plans by MilesWeb are the best option to start your blogging journey from zero. Slowly and steadily increase the traffic, engagement, and value of your blogging site. You have the option to upgrade your shared hosting plan with MilesWeb.

You can host up to unlimited websites with MilesWeb’s Turbo plan. Moreover, if you have an issue in managing technical aspects of your hosting account, get 24×7 email or live chat support from their executives.

3.      Security

Online security is an important parameter to consider. There are rising cases of hacking, malware attacks, and many more. Hence, shared hosting by MilesWeb offers your free SSL certificate for every hosted domain. SSL is a security layer to protect your website from hazardous cyber-security threats. Besides, MilesWeb leverages advanced firewall protection to safeguard your blogging site.

As a result, bloggers do not have to worry about data security, MilesWeb will take care of it. Bloggers can easily focus on their blogging activity and enhance their creativity.

4.      More Uptime

No website owner wants their website to experience extended downtime. With shared hosting by MilesWeb get guaranteed 99.95% uptime. Less downtime and extended uptime mean bloggers can generate more traffic and engagement. Also, it boosts the browsing experience for blog readers.

Final Words

In a nutshell, shared hosting plans are helpful for new and established bloggers. On an individual basis, bloggers lack the capital and human resources to manage and host websites. This is where MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans come into the picture with 24×7 server support, control panel, and providing other compelling features.