Dedicated Server from MilesWeb: Great Performance at Lower Prices  

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There are different factors such as budget, security, SEO and more when launching a business-focused website. When you start considering these factors, for sure your business will grow. 

But mainly when it comes to a website, Try Enterprise-Class Dedicated Servers. If you can afford it, a dedicated server is an obvious choice for a rock-solid website foundation that can withstand high traffic rates while also allowing you to install your software.

The performance of your website or application will grow at a good pace when you opt for a dedicated server and get 99.95% uptime with MilesWeb’s Windows server. You share server space with other users in shared hosting. Unlike dedicated server hosting, you don’t have to share any server resources. 

All the resources are committed to your website or application. Linux dedicated server hosting gives you significant power and control over a server that is solely yours and yours alone if you are serious about developing your business.

There are a plethora of web hosting companies in the market. And MilesWeb is one of the renowned companies among them. 

They offer the best dedicated server hosting with top-notch features and prices that are affordable to you. So, let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer with dedicated server hosting.

Why Go for MilesWeb Dedicated Server? 

MilesWeb is an India-based web hosting company founded in the year 2012. To date, the company has over 39, 032 clients globally. There is a broad range of web hosting services offered by MilesWeb like shared, reseller, WordPress, cloud, VPS and windows dedicated server hosting. The company also provides domain name registrations, SSL certificates and other tools and services to help you in the online journey. 

As we know, dedicated server hosting is the most powerful web hosting service. And MilesWeb offers dedicated server hosting with the best features to boost the performance of your website or application. 

Their server infrastructure is highly robust and is in the prime location, Mumbai. You can host your resource-intensive websites or applications on MilesWeb’s powerful dedicated servers. 

MilesWeb stands at a higher position among the numerous dedicated hosting providers in the industry. 

Why Get a Dedicated Server from MilesWeb?

Getting a dedicated server from MilesWeb benefits will offer you the below benefits.  

Advanced Networking Performance

Website speed is the key to the success of any business. The dedicated servers of MilesWeb are optimized for faster page loading times, making sure that your website or applications run smoothly without any glitch. You don’t have to worry about the performance of your high-traffic website or application, as they deliver a redundant speed of up to 10Gbps. 

Intel Xeon Processors 

On their dedicated servers, MilesWeb uses Intel Xeon processors. Intel Xeon processors are high-reliability, high-performance CPUs that include a broad majority of Intel CPU cores. They give your dedicated server excellent performance and are ideal for operating mission-critical websites or applications.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee 

To keep websites running round the clock on the web, MilesWeb provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee. You get the best security, connectivity and a wide range of software and hardware. MilesWeb’s dedicated server architecture offers accessibility for your websites or applications. 

Data Center in India 

MilesWeb has a data center in India that offers a good combination of capacity and redundancy to reach the target audience in India. They have a data center that is ISO 27001 certified that guarantees high security, uptime and best performance. 

SSL Encryption Certificate 

With MilesWeb’s dedicated server, you get an SSL certificate without any additional charge. Information passing to and from the dedicated server gets automatically encrypted and, your website or application will be secure. No attacker can access the sensitive information shared by visitors as it passes through the internet.       

No setup fees

Usually, most web hosting companies charge for setting up the dedicated server. MilesWeb does not charge extra for setting up the dedicated server. The team at MilesWeb takes care of the server setup at no additional cost immediately as your order is received. 

Server fully configurable. 

You have complete control over your server settings with a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, you can modify server configurations and install applications of your choice. You also can install the operating system and control panel of your choice on the dedicated server. 

MilesWeb Dedicated Server Plans & Pricing 

MilesWeb is a provider that offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. But the unmanaged dedicated hosting plans are displayed on their website. 

There are sixteen unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. According to your requirements and budget, you can choose a plan that best meets all the factors. 

E5-2609 2.4GHz is the base dedicated server plan with 4 cores. And the resources with this

plan are: 

● 8 GB RAM

● 480 GB SSD                                  

● 1 TB Bandwidth

● 1 IPv4                                                            

For the base plan E5-2609 2.4GHz, you have to pay Rs.6,999/m. Platinum 8163 2.5GHz is their most advanced plan having (24 Cores + HT) cores. The resources you get with this plan are:

● 256 GB RAM

● 2 TB SSD

● 5 TB Bandwidth

● 1 IPv4

And for this plan, you have to pay Rs.48,000/mo. It is better to invest more and top-notch resources and performance. Custom packages are also available from MilesWeb. Thus, you can contact MilesWeb’s sales team, who will tailor a package to your specific needs.


If you are looking for the best dedicated hosting provider, MilesWeb is an easy-going option. Switching to better web hosting will improve the performance of your website but also will have a good impact on your business. You will have to invest more money for a single time, but the outcomes will be worth it! 

With MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting, you get a high uptime guarantee, good speed, a free control panel and one dedicated IP. Thus, you get the best performance for your website or application at a lower cost.