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10 Best Low-Code Development Platforms In 2023

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Let’s face it, technology is advancing at a rapid rate. And it’s not stopping anytime soon. So what does that mean for your business? Well, you need to move with the times and find ways to improve efficiency so you aren’t left behind.

Moreover, you need a low code development platform that can help eliminate redundant work and streamline processes so your team doesn’t end up with their hands tied behind their back.

A low code development platform allows users to create applications without needing in-depth knowledge of coding languages like HTML, CSS or COBOL. These platforms also make it easy for developers to build apps without having prior knowledge of programming languages like Java or Python. Here are the top 10 low code development platforms on the market today:

Explore the List of the Top Low-Code Development Platforms and Tools along with their Features:

List Of Top Low-Code Development Platforms

Enlisted below are the top Low-Code Development Tools that are available in the market.

  • Mendix
  • Appian
  • OutSystems
  • Kissflow
  • Zoho Creator
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Google App Maker
  • Visual LANSA
  • Quixy
  • GeneXus


Tagline: Low-code Application Development platform.

Price: Mendix prices are based on the number of app users. Its Community version is free. Mendix offers three more plans i.e. Single App (Starts at $1875 per month), Pro (Starts at $5375 per month), and Enterprise (Starts at $7825 per month).


Mendix provides the platform for building applications. It supports application development for any device. It has an option of private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises deployment. It also provides the facilities of automated backups and horizontal scaling with the Enterprise edition.


  • Agile project management.
  • Visual modeling tools.
  • Reusable components.

Verdict: Mendix is a rapid application development platform with offline working capabilities. It is easy to adopt and is perfect for anyone.


Tagline: Automate more codeless. Deliver powerful business applications, faster.

Price: Appian will cost you $90 per user per month for Standard Licensing. Get a quote for Application Licensing. A free trial is available for the product.


Appian’s intelligent automation platform will help organizations to build smart applications that will improve business, customer engagement, and worker efficiency. It will ensure the security of your critical applications.


  • Drag and Drop tools.
  • It provides native AI services.
  • It also offers no-code integration to AI/ML platforms through Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Without writing any code, you will be able to integrate enterprise data, systems, and web services.

Verdict: Appian is the provider of the software development platform. The Appian low-code development platform is a combination of intelligent automation and low-code development.

Tagline: Build Enterprise-Grade apps Fastly.


Price: OutSystems offer a free plan which is free forever. The pricing plans start at USD 18000 per year,


OutSystems will allow you to develop the applications at an unbeatable speed. It can be used for building Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Enterprise-Grade applications.


  • You will experience error-free deployment for your apps, in cloud or on-premises.
  • You can get real-time performance dashboards.
  • You will be able to deliver scalable applications.
  • Offers the latest security for your applications.
  • Your applications could be integrated with any system.

Verdict: It will be easier for developers to deliver the applications and editing those applications with OutSystems Rapid Application Development Platform.


Tagline: Automate Work. Reduce Chaos.

Price: Standard Edition will cost you $9 per user per month. A free trial is also available for this plan. The special pricing plan is available for education and non-profit organizations. You can also get a quote for bulk pricing (For more than 100 users).

KiSSFLOW- BPM & Workflow Software will allow you to create custom Apps and automate business processes. It provides more than 45 pre-installed apps to create your own business applications.


  • It completely eliminates the need for coding.
  • Drag and drop the facility to add and edit fields.
  • Tasks and logic can also be built using the drag and drop facility.
  • It will allow you to digitize your forms and requests.

Verdict: It provides a cloud-based solution which can be used by businesses of any size and from any industry.

Zoho Creator

Tagline: Build, Integrate, Extend.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator’s cross-platform app builder helps to build native mobile applications faster. Create apps on the web, publish and use them on your iOS and Android devices with multi-platform access.

With over 7 million users worldwide and 6 million apps, our platform is powerful and flexible to adapt to your business needs. Zoho Creator has been featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP), 2020.


  • Create more applications with less effort.
  • Connect with your business data and collaborate across teams.
  • Create insightful reports.
  • Gain instant access to mobile apps.
  • Uncompromising security.

Verdict: Zoho Creator provides a low-code application development platform to build enterprise applications. It involves building applications with minimal coding which drastically reduces app-development time and effort.

Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps is a formidable entry in the low-code development space. This product is a bit intimidating at first, but its power makes it an easy pick for our Editors’ Choice designation in this category.


  • Robust feature set.
  • Extensive number of integrations.
  • Wide array of user interface (UI) options and templates.
  • Powerful mobile functionality.
  • Easy to use considering power available.


  • Load times could be better.
  • UI can be overwhelming at first.
  • Somewhat steep learning curve.

Google App Maker

Note: The App Maker editor and user apps will be shut down on January 19, 2021

Tagline: Business Apps your company needs, built by you.

Price: Google App Maker is combined with G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise. G Suite Business price starts at $8.5 and G Suite Enterprise price starts at $25.8.

Google App Maker

Google App Maker is a low code tool provided by Google. It can be used for building business apps. Just like other tools, it also has a drag-and-drop interface for building apps. It comes with G Suite Business. A free trial is also available for 14 days.


  • It provides templates.
  • It has a drag-and-drop UI design facility.
  • Declarative data modeling.
  • Easy to connect with Gmail, Calendar, or sheets.

Verdict: Google App Maker contain many functionalities like deployment logs, deployment settings, App preview, and data models. It is a web-based tool and also supports Windows and Mac OS.

Visual LANSA

Tagline: Low Code >> High Control

Pricing: Visual LANSA has a three-tiered pricing structure i.e. Entry Level ($16.66 user/month), Mid-tier ($13.34 user/month), and Enterprise ($8.34 user/month).

Visual LANSA

LANSA’s low-code development platform accelerates and simplifies the creation of enterprise apps while making your development team more productive. LANSA puts you back in control.


  • Powerful low-code IDE to create desktop, web, and mobile apps.
  • Build apps faster, easier, and at a lower cost than traditional methods.
  • Extensive testing, deployment, and integration controls.
  • In use by several thousand companies around the world.
  • Ability to write code inside the IDE.
  • Only low-code to run on the IBMi, windows, and web.

Verdict: Visual LANSA will allow professional developers to create applications much quicker than traditional coding and with an amount of control much higher than usually seen in low-code platforms.


Tagline: Work Smart. Achieve More.


Solution: Starts from $500/month billed annually.
Platform: $10/user/month billed annually and starts with 10 users.
Enterprise: Contact the Company


Enterprises use Quixy’s cloud-based no-code platform to empower their business users (citizen developers) to automate workflows and build simple to complex enterprise-grade applications for their custom needs up to ten times faster. All without writing any code.

Quixy helps eliminate manual processes and quickly turn ideas into applications making business more innovative, productive, and transparent. Users can start from scratch or customize pre-built apps from the Quixy app store in minutes.


  • Build the app interface the way you want it by dragging and dropping 40+ form fields including a rich text editor, e-signature, QR-Code scanner, Facial Recognition widget, and much more.
  • Model any process and build simple complex workflows be it sequential, parallel and conditional with an easy-to-use visual builder. Configure notifications, reminders, and escalations for each step in the workflow.
  • Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party applications through ready-to-use connectors, Webhooks, and API Integrations.
  • Deploy apps with a single click and make changes on the fly with no downtime. Ability to use it on any browser, any device even in offline mode.
  • Live actionable Reports and Dashboards with the option to export data in multiple formats and schedule automated delivery of reports through multiple channels.
  • Enterprise-ready with ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type2 Certification and all enterprise features including Custom Themes, SSO, IP filtering, On-Premise deployment, White-Labelling, etc.

Verdict: Quixy is a completely visual and easy-to-use No-Code Application Development platform. Businesses can automate processes across departments using Quixy. It will help you build simple to complex custom enterprise applications faster and with lower costs without writing any code.


Tagline: Software that makes software.

Pricing: Pricing per developer seat, independent of the number of apps created, or the number of end-users. A free trial is available for the product. Special plans for Startups (starting $100/month), Independent Software Houses (starting $250/month), and Enterprise (starting $900/month).



  • AI-based automatic software generation.
  • Multi-Experience apps: Model once, generate for multiple platforms (responsive and progressive web apps, mobile native and hybrid apps, Apple Tv, chatbots & virtual assistants).
  • Highest flexibility: The largest number of databases supported in the market. Interoperability capabilities for system integrations.
  • Future-proof: Evolve systems over long periods of time and change between technologies and platforms automatically.
  • Business Process Management Support: Digital Process Automation through integrated BPM modeling.
  • Deployment flexibility: Deploy apps on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid scenarios.
  • Application security module included.
  • No runtime for generated applications, price by developer seat.

Verdict: With over 30 years of experience, GeneXus provides a unique platform that captures the needs of users and generates applications for present and future technologies, without the need to learn each new technology. Allows pragmatic developers to evolve quickly, responding to market and technological changes in an agile way.